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In this new era of unrelenting change and competition, companies face a daunting challenge: how to sustain the business model. The fact is, no matter how bulletproof your firm's current business model, it will be challenged by innovative approaches. The new reality is that business models have shorter shelf life. If you want to survive and grow, you must constantly attempt to reinvent your business.

Sustainable business growth strategies are a practical approach to achieving top-line growth and bottom-line results. KSR emphasizes four qualities of sustainable growth and development:
  • Believe in and act on the idea that there is no such thing as a mature business;
  • Create a corporate mindset of growth, starting from the top and reaching to the bottom. Growth is an attitude created by a company's leadership. It starts with the spark of a new point of view, and it catches fire when everyone buys into what the leaders are envisioning and driving toward;
  • Focus on balanced growth, the key to prosperity. Sustainable growth requires meticulous attention to the basics: quality, cost structure, new product development, asset utilization, investment of capital, value chain and service-profit chain innovation, customer service satisfaction and other components of operational excellence;
  • Pay attention to both top-line growth and bottom-line results. Growth at all costs or growth for its own sake, can be a recipe for disaster; good growth is profitable, sustainable, and capital efficient.

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