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KSR business models excel when one considers what constitutes successful execution. These are Moving Target Management, Triage Management, and Performance Measurement.

Moving Target Management is the ability to operate steadily in a rapidly changing environment. In this environment, KSR balances structure with the need for speed and change.

Triage Management is the ability to undertake a portfolio review of all the projects, then identify poorly performing projects and prune them. Every corporation has many projects. Often, many of them could be under-performing. KSR assesses which ones are poor performers and develops processes for eliminating them.

Performance Measurement is the ability to measure the right indicators and take corrective action. Most companies measure a broad range of things and gather an abundance of data. But, they often tend to measure the wrong indicators.

KSR creates methodologies to measure customer satisfaction based on the right indicators to give feedback to the sales reps, customer service reps, and all of the front line people so that the information is truly useful. Performance measurement encompasses the entire feedback loop.

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